Converting TGIF Japanese and formula to PDF (TGIFの日本語と数式をPDFに変換)

Important note: Do not translate this page into Japanese with Google translation; otherwise there will be many execution errors.

Download tgif2pdf zip file

yamin@mac ~ % unzip
yamin@mac ~ % cd tgif2pdf
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % ls
Xresources              jp.pdf                   tgif2pdf
index.html              jp.text                  tgif2pdf.back
jp+.aux                 jp.txt                   tgif2pdf_show-crop.pdf
jp+.eps                 jp_t+.eps                tgif2pdf_show.aux
jp+.log                 jp_t.pdf                 tgif2pdf_show.dvi
jp+.pdf                 mycolor.sty              tgif2pdf_show.log
jp+.tex                 programming_notes.css    tgif2pdf_show.pdf
jp+.txt                 programming_notes.js     tgif2pdf_show.tex
jp.eps                  psplot.sty               tgif_jp.png
jp.obj                  readme.txt
tgif2pdf converts a tgif EPS file containing Japanese characters and math formula to PDF.
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % cat readme.txt 
cp -p -i Xresources $HOME/.Xresources
xrdb -load $HOME/.Xresources
tgif jp.obj &
./tgif2pdf -t jp
mv jp.pdf jp_t.pdf
mv jp+.eps jp_t+.eps
./tgif2pdf jp
platex tgif2pdf_show.tex
dvipdfmx tgif2pdf_show.dvi
pdfcrop -margin 2 tgif2pdf_show.pdf
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % cp -p -i Xresources $HOME/.Xresources
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % xrdb -load $HOME/.Xresources

Draw a figure with tgif

yamin@mac tgif2pdf % tgif jp.obj &
Control + s, Control + p

Convert EPS to PDF

yamin@mac tgif2pdf % ./tgif2pdf

tgif2pdf Version 4.2.5
Copyright (C) 2023 Yamin Li (
Usage:	tgif2pdf [-t] filename

yamin@mac tgif2pdf % ./tgif2pdf -t jp
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % mv jp.pdf jp_t.pdf
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % mv jp+.eps jp_t+.eps
Open jp_t.pdf

yamin@mac tgif2pdf % ./tgif2pdf jp
Open jp.pdf

Include PDF to tex

yamin@mac tgif2pdf % emacs tgif2pdf_show.tex &
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % platex tgif2pdf_show.tex
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % dvipdfmx tgif2pdf_show.dvi
yamin@mac tgif2pdf % pdfcrop -margin 2 tgif2pdf_show.pdf
Open tgif2pdf_show-crop.pdf