Converting GNUPLOT Japanese and formula to PDF (GNUPLOTの日本語と数式をPDFに変換)

Important note: Do not translate this page into Japanese with Google translation; otherwise there will be many execution errors.

Download gnuplot2pdf zip file

yamin@mac ~ % unzip
yamin@mac ~ % cd gnuplot2pdf
yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % ls
amdahl_law.eps  mycolor.sty       programming_notes.css
amdahl_law.gnu  packet_delay.dat  programming_notes.js
amdahl_law.pdf  packet_delay.eps  psplot.sty
gnuplot2pdf     packet_delay.gnu  readme.txt
index.html      packet_delay.pdf
gnuplot2pdf converts a gnuplot PS file containing Japanese characters and math formula to PDF.
yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % cat readme.txt
gnuplot amdahl_law.gnu
./gnuplot2pdf amdahl_law
gnuplot packet_delay.gnu
./gnuplot2pdf packet_delay

Convert GNUPLOT to PDF

yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % ./gnuplot2pdf
gnuplot2pdf version 5.2 (patchlevel 8)
Copyright (C) 2023 Yamin Li (
Usage: gnuplot2pdf filename
yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % gnuplot amdahl_law.gnu
yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % ./gnuplot2pdf amdahl_law
Open amdahl_law.pdf

yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % gnuplot packet_delay.gnu
yamin@mac gnuplot2pdf % ./gnuplot2pdf packet_delay
Open packet_delay.pdf